Echidna Wars DX Wiki

Echidna Wars DX is a video game developed by Asimofu and D-Gate and is a spiritual successor to Milia Wars.

Echidna Wars DX is an Action Platformer based around the vore fetish with 3 Stages that are each segmented into 2 Level-Segments and one Boss-Segment.

There are 4 playable Characters with unique move sets. those characters being Mirea, Sachiho, Usaco and TGO-07.

Gameplay Mechanics[]

HP and SP[]

Your HP represent your Health points and deplete if you are hit by an attack or grabbed.

If they deplete to Zero you will die.

Your SP represent your special points and deplete if you are grabbed.

They are used to execute Special Attacks.

Taking Damage[]

the way you take damage in this game is unusual in that most enemies can only grab you instead of hitting you which plays a special animation and barely depletes any HP but mainly depletes SP. Though normal attacks are also used by some enemies so don't feel too save just because you have a full SP bar.

However if you get grabbed and don't have any SP left the grab animation will get to the next step and deplete your HP instead.

If the grab makes you run out of HP a special death animation unique to the enemy will play.


SP Block.gif your SP don't deplete

SP Depleted.gif your SP deplete

HP Depleted.gif your HP deplete



When you defeat enemies or destroy certain background objects they have a chance to drop 3 different kinds of orbs that you can collect by walking/jumping into them.

Life Orb.PNG HP Orb

A HP orb will restore a small amount of HP.

Big Life Orb.PNG Large HP Orb

A Large HP Orb will restore a decent amount of HP.

Special Orb.PNG SP Orb

An SP orb will restore a small amount of SP.

Big Special Orb.PNGLarge SP Orb

A Large SP Orb will restore a decent amount of SP.

Exp Orb.PNG Exp Orb

An Exp Orb will fill your Exp bar a little.

Big Exp Orb.PNG Large Exp Orb

A Large Exp orb will fill your Exp bar quite a lot.

Orb Canisters[]

Orb Canister.gif

Sometimes you will find an Orb Canister just lying on the ground. It will display one of 3 different Symbols and will rotate between them constantly. If you break the Orb Canister by attacking, it will drop you a bunch of Orbs related to the Symbol it was displaying while it was destroyed.

The Heart Symbol will make it drop some HP Orbs

The Lightning Symbol will make it drop some SP Orbs

The Star Symbol will make it drop some Exp Orbs

Level Ups[]

Level Up.gif

When your Exp bar is filled completely you will level up.

When you level up your maximum HP and SP will slightly increase and your special attack will upgrade until you reach level 3 as well.

You can level yourself up to level 4 but your Level and Exp will be reset every time you die.

Status Effects[]



Some enemy attacks can give you the Webbed Status Effect. When you are Webbed you will not be able to use any ability or move but you can get rid of it quickly by mashing the directional inputs or X.



The Killer Bee enemy will give you this status effect after grabbing you while you have no SP. Other than that it works exactly like the Webbed Status effect.



Some attacks by slimy enemies can inflict the Slimy Status Effect which will cause you to slip when landing on your feet while it is active. It will wear off over time or if you slip enough times.



This Status Effect is only caused by the second Boss the Queen Bee.

This Status Effect works similarly to the Webbed and Honey Status Effect but the enemies will not attack you while it is active and if you mash enough the Egg will break and you are rid of the Status effect.

While you are trapped in the egg your Exp and Levels will be slowly drained and if you don't mash out quickly enough your HP will immediately drop to zero and the Egg will spawn a Honey Worm.



The Poison Status Effect is only inflicted by some of the Cybele Enemy's attacks.

While Poisoned you will gradually loose HP over time but not be restricted in any other way.

The Poison Status Effect will wear off over time or if you pick up a first aid kit.